WriteOn! – Week of January 5th, 2015 – This Week’s Picks:

Let’s start the year being positive about business — and everything!

Happy New Year! Let’s start the year being positive about business – and life, in general! Here are some valuable lessons from Richard Newton (@richnewton) via the @Virgin blog:  http://bit.ly/1wPNDTU

How do YOU define PR?

Does anyone really know what “public relations” is…?! How do you define #PR?

I found this piece from John D. Wagner in the New York Times, and John’s honesty is very refreshing: “Learning a Foreign Language Called Public Relations” – http://nyti.ms/145ZRRB


Inspiring Ideas from My PR Students…

Creative themes, beautiful logos, fundraising ideas, Facebook pages, Twitter accounts, PSAs and more … I was so impressed by my students’ final team project presentations in our COM240 Public Relations class this week!  The ideas they presented were designed to help raise awareness about thyroid cancer.

This was a “real world” assignment, developed with the help of a longtime friend and former co-worker who is winning the battle against thyroid cancer and inspiring all of us with her commitment to helping others who are tackling this disease.

In addition to being graded, the team projects are being “judged”, and winners will be picked… But, in my eyes, my students are all “winners” who successfully rose to the challenge of generating PR ideas for a great cause. Their hard work and commitment is very inspiring! Looking ahead, I think several of the ideas presented this week will come to life and make an impact…

I promise to keep you posted!


Kathy Magrino