Steve Jobs knew it’s not about numbers, it’s about quality

Steve Jobs passed away today at the age of 56. Jobs’ lifetime may seem short, by today’s standards, but the quality of those years is what really matters. I’ve never written a post like this before, but I feel the need to share my feelings tonight…

Since the 80s, I’ve been inspired by Steve Jobs’ vision and have been equally impressed by the company he built. Jobs certainly changed the business world — and the world in general — with his innovative products and creative ideas, where quality and design were always top priorities.

Quality is evident in every product created by Apple — especially while Jobs was at its helm. Yes, I’ve used other products, but, for me, nothing beats Apple’s products. My first Mac was one of the all-in-one units with the smallish screen. Tonight, I’m typing this post on my MacBook (several years old, but still going strong!). My next phone will be the iPhone 5, and I also plan on getting an iPad in the next few months.

I remember those days when Apple stock sold below $10 a share (wish I bought some then!), when you couldn’t find software for your Mac in stores,  and when people used to laugh at you for “spending all that money” on a computer. While other computer and technology companies pumped out more units and kept the prices low, Apple slowly became more and more competitive, and eventually became the leader. Apple did this by sticking to its core concepts of offering unmatched quality and innovative design.

While not always popular, Steve Jobs and Apple had the courage to follow big dreams and the vision to “stay the course.” How inspiring! And, we thank you for that, Steve Jobs.

— Kathy

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