When Playing Is Learning

We played “I Love Mass Media — Our Version of Charades” in one of my classes at Rider University this afternoon. I think we all had fun — it sure seemed that way.

But, I know for certain that I enjoyed the game today!

Sometimes it’s the way we encounter information that leaves an impression on us and helps us to learn. In today’s game, we were able to review topics from our textbook, historic events involving the media, and events happening in the media right now — all while laughing together and moving around the room. My students tackled some pretty challenging words and phrases, like “The Social Network” and “Charlie Sheen” and “television” (spelled out, rather than just “TV”). Working with their teammates, my students also demonstrated excellent teamwork.

“Team Wiz” — Taj, Jade, Brianna and Katelyn — won the competition, beating “Team Most Interesting…” — Adam, Ryan, John, Matt and Stefani — who were eliminated when they couldn’t come up with the words “broadband network” in the finals. (P.S. We needed to do several “final rounds” because the competition was fierce!)

We all laughed, learned and had some fun together today. Maybe we’ll play some more games before the semester is over… Personally, I think learning should always be fun. 😉

Thanks for reading! Until next time, take care!

Kathy Magrino

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