We Know ‘We’re Living in a Media World’!

Last week in my COM105 Mass Media Communication course at Rider University, my students tackled their first “team challenge” assignment and amazed me with their thorough and creative work. Also, I was wowed by the energy they put into their presentations. The class is divided into eight teams of four or five people. The objectives of the assignment were to:

1. Introduce each member of the team to our class.

2. Recognize and identify the mass media affecting their lives.

3. Creatively present their introductory information and media findings to our class.

The students evaluated each others’ presentations. Every team did a GREAT job — and the evaluations reflected this fact. To show you some of the impressive work that was done, here’s a link to a video created by “Team Fierce” and used as the intro to their in-class presentation. Hope you enjoy it as much as my students and I did! 😉

Until next time, take care and thanks for reading!


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