College Students are Using Twitter to Learn

A recent article posted in The Chronicle of Higher Education reports, “18 percent of college students who go online use Twitter,” according to research from the Pew Internet & American Life Project. The first comment following the post (unfortunately, a negative one) says, “I doubt they’re using twitter for anything educational though!” But, the next comment says, “On the contrary! Links to articles, job announcements, course offerings, funding opportunities, networks…all in less than 140 characters.”

I can add to the list in the second comment: We use Twitter in my classes at Rider University to help us improve our communication and writing skills. It isn’t always easy to say what we need to say in just 140 characters and spaces, but we’re learning. And I believe it’s a critical skill to learn to be better communicators in business today. Do you agree? Please tell us what you think by sharing your comments here.

Until next time, take care, and thanks for reading!

Kathy Magrino

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