Our Favorite Blogs and Why We Like Them…

Last week, I tweeted to my followers on Twitter, “TELL US: What’s your FAVORITE BLOG — and WHY? I’ll be sharing your favs w/my students in COM106 at Rider U. (PLS. RT-Thanks!)” Here are the responses I received:

From @nynjpaweather:

“@kathymagrino My favorite sports blog is Mets Blog [http://www.metsblog.com]… Matt does a great job with interviews with players and a fan perspective to the latest Mets news… Plus I don’t have to search all around the internet for different perspectives on the team cause finds other blogs for us to read… @kathymagrino Finally, he’s a fan like us and like us, this season is KILLING us. Thank God for football!”

From @cimiddletwnnj:

“RT @nynjpaweather: @kathymagrino My favorite sports blog is @MetsBlog — ME TOO!!!… I’ve read it for yrs, easy way to get up to the minute Mets info, insights & opinions. Plus interact w/ other fans thru comments section.”

From @RobynMcMaster:

“@kathymagrino My favorite blog is Brain Leaders and Learners http://bit.ly/5bLgJ by @ellenfweber… @ellenfweber provides tactics to rev up brainpower to our benefit based on research.”

From @BSStoltz:

“@kathymagrino -A fav blog that I share w/ my class is @redheadwriting’ – http://bit.ly/b3gnv8. Fun, great writing and good branding example.”

From @Lalizlatina:

“@kathymagrino http://derailingfordummies.com breaks down privilege & the many -isms . http://mrsmediocrity.com just plain… honest, genuine, brave: @mamitamala Nuyorican Life, Love, y Lucha in the Radical Mami’Hood http://www.lamamitamala.com/blog/

From @lgesin:

“my guilty pleasure blog is gofugyourself [http://gofugyourself.celebuzz.com] but that might not be what yr looking for!!”

Hey, it’s all good — and thanks for responding, @lgesin, @Lalizlatina, @BSStoltz, @RobynMcMaster, @cimiddletwnnj, @nynjpaweather — and for helping us learn about blogs and why people like them!

What’s YOUR favorite blog? Please tell us in the comments here — and also tell us WHY you like your favorite blog so much. Thanks!

Until next time, take care and thanks for reading my blog!

Kathy Magrino

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