#FollowFriday: Do you follow me too?

In the spring of 2009, I started using Twitter (@kathymagrino) and was thrilled when my first “#FollowFriday” (or “#FF”) recommendation came from Alex Blom (@AlexBlom). Since then, Alex and I have been collaborating on a new business adventure that we’re launching soon. (I’ll keep you posted here as things happen, so stay tuned!…)

But, in the meantime, this week I’m being featured in Alex’s “#FollowFriday” blog — a feature that he posts each week. He created this type of feature outside of Twitter (where the whole “#FollowFriday” craze started) because he says he “decided there is little value in doing a flat Follow Friday. Listing 7 names without saying who they are, what their skills are and why it is important is not how I like to approach things.” I agree — and I’m honored to be his “#FollowFriday Number 7.”

Thanks for this, Alex, and for all of your #FollowFriday endorsements over the past 18 months! And to everyone else, thanks for reading my blog — and I hope you’ll follow me, too, on Twitter: @kathymagrino.

Until next time, take care!

Kathy Magrino


  1. valery_fk says

    Here you can check who recommends you http://www.followfriday.com/followfriday/kathymagrino 😉

  2. Hi Kathy,
    Sorry I saw this so late. No problems on all of the follows and glad you enjoyed the feature!

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