How do you persuade when you write?

My favorite persuasive writing techniques are comparisons — metaphors, similes and analogies — and addressing objections, but not in the long-winded way some direct marketing copywriters use. Actually, if you combine these and other techniques into good storytelling, that’s the most effective persuasive technique writers can use.

Joyfully jobless Barbara Winter (@joblessmuse on Twitter) says, “What skill can put you at ease in social situations, make your business memorable and keep your curiosity on high alert?…It is, quite simply, a universal connector that helps us understand each other and ourselves, makes us desire things, gives us a sense of possibility. This magical tool is storytelling and it belongs in every entrepreneur’s toolkit…” Barbara masters good storytelling in her monthly Winning Ways newsletter and in her Buon Viaggio blog.

How do you persuade when you write? Let us know and share your persuasive writing techniques by posting your thoughts and comments here. Thanks!

Until next time, write on! 😉

Kathy Magrino

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