Be creative and get bonus points!

Creativity will always get you “bonus points” from me!… Earlier this month, students in my COM105 Mass Media Communication course at Rider University completed their first viagra canadian pharmacy round of “Team Challenge” presentations. The three objectives for the assignment were:

1. Introduce each member of your team to our class.

2. Recognize and identify the mass media affecting your lives.

3. Creatively present your introductory info and media findings to our class.

“Team RUWS” created a video (now posted on YouTube and shared with you with my students’ permission — click here to view) and, despite a little bit of technical difficulty, they entertained our class and impressed me with their creative talents.

My students are currently presenting their second “team challenge” assignments this week, and I’m excited to see what they will share this time! I’ll keep you posted…

Until next time, take care (and be creative, if you can)! 😉

Kathy Magrino

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