Never Forget Where You Are From…

I am from New Jersey, USA, and in looking at the “big picture” over the past few weeks and planning for the new year, I realized that I often relay information that has a global reach here and on Twitter. Unintentionally, I’ve been overlooking “the locals” — my friends and followers from New Jersey. Well, maybe “overlooking” is too strong of a word to use… what I realized is that I haven’t been offering “targeted” information for many of the people who I’ve connected with from my home state.

So, when an email from Darryl Walker of NJ-based Street Fairs LLC arrived in my inbox this morning, I recognized that it had some helpful information for retailers and small businesses in and around NJ.

Here’s the schedule for 2010 copied directly from the email:


April 18, 2010: Millburn/Short Hills, NJ
April 24, 2010: Tenafly, NJ
April 25, 2010: Tenafly, NJ
April 25, 2010: Summit, NJ
May 2, 2010: Cranford, NJ
May 15, 2010: Woodbridge, NJ
May 16, 2010: Bernardsville, NJ
May 23, 2010: Highland Park, NJ
May 30, 2010: West Orange, NJ
June 6, 2010: Metuchen, NJ
June 12, 2010: Westfield, NJ
June 13, 2010: Fair Lawn, NJ
June 13, 2010: Fanwood, NJ
June 19, 2010: Rahway, NJ
August 28, 2010: Westfield, NJ
September 5, 2010: Nutley, NJ
September 11, 2010: Rahway, NJ
September 12, 2010: Red Bank, NJ
September 19, 2010: Hackettstown, NJ
September 26, 2010: Fanwood, NJ
October 3, 2010: Millburn/Short Hills, NJ
October 10, 2010: Summit, NJ
October 16, 2010: Westfield, NJ
October 17, 2010: Cranford, NJ
October 23, 2010: Tenafly, NJ
October 24, 2010: Tenafly, NJ
October 24, 2010: Fair Lawn, NJ
November 7, 2010: Livingston, NJ

If you’re selling products or services or delivering information to people in NJ, this might be a good way to reach more customers in 2010. Darryl says, “We are expecting record spectator crowds this year… admission is free.” There is a fee to participate in these street fairs, but the fee varies for crafters, artists, retailers, food vendors and non-profit organizations. For more information, call Darryl at 908-654-1400 or visit

Next time, I’ll probably go back to offering some “global” information. But, for the future, I’ll try to remember to “keep it local” every once in a while. “Never forget where you are from” is good advice. 😉


Kathy Magrino

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