Reflecting… and looking forward!

I could write a lot of words reflecting on the past year, but I won’t. I want to briefly look back at 2009. I prefer to look ahead and to focus on the future!

What’s the one thing that impacted my year the most in 2009? Professionally and personally, it’s been Twitter. One year ago, I wasn’t acquainted with Twitter. Prior to March 2009, I was hardly involved with any social media. Today, you’ll find me “tweeting” on Twitter several times each week — and I’d like to do it more, but other business, teaching and projects sometimes get in the way.

Twitter has helped me network and connect with some great people over the past nine months. My success and satisfaction with Twitter in 2009 has been amazing — here are some highlights:

  • Twitter helped me find non-profit “clients” for my students and fostered one of the most successful teaching semesters I’ve experienced at Rider University so far.
  • Through Twitter, I’ve connected with one of my favorite writers and mentors, Barbara Winter – @joblessmuse, the author of Making A Living Without A Job. I read the first edition of Barbara’s book in 1994 and decided to start working for myself in 1995.
  • I’m also planning a new venture (a real adventure!) with Alex Blom — @AlexBlom — someone I never would have met if it weren’t for Twitter! Alex is an Australian who is currently studying in Canada. I admire both his energy and his tech know-how. Stay tuned for more info about our plans…

I’m excited about the new year — and the new decade — ahead with Twitter and so much more in my plans! I hope you are looking forward to the new year, too, and I wish you a very happy and successful 2010!


Kathy Magrino

P.S. Follow me on Twitter @kathymagrino.


  1. Hi Kathy,

    Thanks for the mention. I too am looking forward to our project!

    P.S. See the RSS down the bottom??

  2. Kathy Magrino says

    Hi, Alex! I see the RSS… but that doesn’t mean I know how it got there or how it all works?!! 😉 Thanks for pointing it out! Talk to you soon.

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