Have NO FEAR of social media

As I previously mentioned, my students in COM341 Publicity Methods at Rider University are working with real non-profit organizations this semester. Depending on each of the organization’s needs, we’re developing strategies and plans to help the organizations gain more publicity.

This week, each team in my class is developing a “Social Media Plan” for their client. Some of the clients are very open to the idea of starting a social media strategy for their organizations, but others seem to fear social media. I can understand this “fear” — it’s fear of the unknown, something I (and anyone in business for more than a decade or so) can relate to. I remember how I felt the first time I sent a “tweet” on Twitter (I only have to remember back to this past April…). But, the fear I had was squashed by excitement when I saw my first @ mention — a reply to one of my tweets!

What amazes me the most is how my students have NO FEAR of social media. Social media is simply what they’re used to — what they’ve “grown up” with during the past few years.

I also admire how excited my students are to share what they know with our clients. I believe one of the best ways to conquer fear of anything is to educate ourselves about what we fear. This week, we viewed two very interesting videos about social media. (We discovered these videos through Twitter and in an email from one of my student’s father.) So that you can learn more about social media, too, here are links to the videos:

Social Media Revolution http://budurl.com/yc6g

Media Convergencehttp://budurl.com/2jwk

Have no fear of social media! Until next time,

Kathy Magrino

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