Do You Know a Non-Profit Organization Needing Publicity?

I’m teaching COM341 Publicity Methods at Rider University in the fall semester starting in September. In this course, we’ll be working with “real” clients — non-profit organizations who don’t have big budgets to hire consultants or agencies. In the past, we’ve worked with non-profits in the Mercer County, NJ area (Rider is located in Lawrenceville, NJ) and created traditional media kits for these organizations.

As times have changed and the Internet has “expanded” our world and our reach, I don’t think it’s necessary to remain local to NJ this semester when we select our clients. Also, new this semester, we’ll be using an e-book as our textbook: How to Be a Kick-Butt Publicity Hound by Joan Stewart and Tom Antion.

So, I’m in the process of reviewing potential “clients” for my students for COM341 Publicity Methods. If you know a non-profit organization that needs publicity, please tweet me @kathymagrino or post your ideas and comments here. Thank you!

Kathy Magrino


  1. Hi Kathy,

    Great to hear. I love the fact that you are going practical, I’ve always found I pull the most out of that. And you have followed the SG advice with an ebook. Most of the students must be very shocked (but happy?).

    I’ll be around NJ in September / October. I’ll have to drop in and watch one day!

    • Kathy Magrino says

      Hi, Alex! I don’t know if my students are shocked or happy yet… ?? I guess I’ll find out in September! 😉

      We’d love for you to drop in and visit our class one day if you’re in NJ!! Keep me posted on your travels. When do you head to Canada?

      Thanks for your comments here!

  2. This is a project we are doing for a psychology class in school and we are looking for ideas for this non profit org. call DRESS FOR SUCCESS IN TAMPA, FLORIDA the partner with org. to help women get on their feet for jobs interviews and other self esteem programs…….

  3. Kathy Magrino says

    Hi, Mary. Our “Publicity Methods” class will start meeting in September, but I am interested in learning more about your psychology class project. Please email me your contact information and more details: kathy “at symbol” Thanks!
    Kathy Magrino

  4. I recomend Care for Gog’s in Chinagmail, Thailand. It will give an intersting international angle and they are a legitimate top-notch (but small) organization.

    • Kathy Magrino says

      Care for Dogs sounds like it’s an interesting organization. I’ll look into it. Thank you for the recommendation!
      Kathy Magrino

  5. Margaret Manzi says

    I am a board member of the Moorestown School of Music, which has been offering the Suzuki learning method for over ten years. I am also on the PR/Development Committee. We have 501(c)3 status. The school offers instruction in violin, cello and piano for preschool and older, Music Together for infants and preschoolers, as well as musicianship classes for older children. Scholarships are available based on need.

    We are looking for ways to reach the south Jersey area, to build public awareness of our programs and increase enrollment. We can send you more information if you like, and you can learn more about the school at

  6. Kathy Magrino says

    Hi, Margaret! Thank you for all the information. I will definitely be in touch before September. Take care!
    Kathy Magrino

  7. Elaine Furst says

    Hi, Kathy: I came across this email while researching public relations-marketing for our Chapter ( I see that this announcement is 2 years old but wondered if you knew of any classes in the Los Angeles area who might be running a similar class. We may be interested in being a “client” of the students.
    Thanks for your help and I hope your class went well.
    Elaine Furst
    Outreach Director

    • Kathy Magrino says

      Hi, Elaine. Thank you for your note here. My COM341 class (two years ago) went really well and we enjoyed working with “real” non-profit clients throughout the semester!! Unfortunately, I don’t know of any classes in the Los Angeles area doing the same type of thing. Our clients were from different states across the country, but I’m not scheduled to teach COM341 again at this time. If I do teach that course again, I will most likely be looking for “real clients” for my students and I will reach out to you. Thanks, again!

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