Search and Discovery in Real Time = Twitter

Twitter is changing how we communicate in business, just like email did about 15-20 years ago and other communication methods did before then. It’s all about timing and the creation of “urgency.” People want to know information and they want answers — NOW! Communicating in real time, like we do on Twitter, has changed communication forever.

Personally, I like the fast pace, but I’m discovering some challenges:

  • People are becoming more impatient. (We don’t like to wait for responses.)
  • There’s a lot more risk of miscommunication. (We’ve all read tweets that pass along false info: “So-and-so has died…,” etc.)
  • Being so open about what we’re doing or thinking makes us more vulnerable (and this makes those of us who like our privacy somewhat uncomfortable).

Here’s an article from that talks more about search and discovery in real time on Twitter.

Until next time, let’s keep searching, discovering and learning in real time on Twitter!


Kathy Magrino

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