‘Flying’ Around the World with Twitter

For the past few weeks I’ve been tweeting on Twitter. Yes, it’s time-consuming, but I’ve learned to work Twitter into my daily schedule, stopping by for blocks of time each day, reading and writing messages (a.k.a. “tweets”).

I haven’t learned about the history of Twitter yet or how it got its name, but I know that since I’ve been tweeting, I’ve discovered a new-found sense of freedom. When I see that little Twitter bird on my TweetDeck, I feel like I’m literally flying around the world.

On Twitter, I’ve got people following me from all over the world — Australia, Spain, UK, Canada, India, Hong Kong, Argentina — and all parts of the USA. And, I’m following many of these people, too, catching up on news and information and learning so many new ideas and concepts from just about everywhere.

With Twitter, I am flying around the world — and I love it! Follow me @kathymagrino.

Until next time, take care!

Kathy Magrino


  1. Hi Kathy / Twitter friend,

    Good to see you really getting into Twitter. It’s also a great promotional tool.

  2. Kathy Magrino says

    Hi, Alex! Thanks for helping me to learn about and get into Twitter more and more each day!

  3. Hi Kathy,
    I started Tweeting a few months ago and really enjoy connecting with people from all around the US and world. It is such a great opportunity to connect, find information fast I may have missed and share information. Its an opportunity to support and encourage others while also finding support and encouragement,
    I too Tweet in blocks of time. Usually going on 3 times a day, early AM, midday and evening. I use Tweetdeck, also. When online I check my
    @replies so I don’t miss any comments directed to me. I also use this and the favorites to jump right to an individual to see what they have been tweeting about all day.
    Happy to have found you on Twiitter.
    Keep blogging and tweeting.

    • Kathy Magrino says

      Hi, Sandy! So nice to “meet” you here and on Twitter! I’m really loving the Twitter experience so far, and I follow a similar “Twitter schedule” as you do. And, like you, I’m a “Jersey Girl” (well, “Jersey Woman” would probably be more appropriate for me at this time…)! Glad we can connect online, and maybe one day we’ll meet in person, too! Take care and I’ll “tweet” with you soon!
      P.S. And we both can’t seem to get enough of Barbara Winter, too — we do have a lot in common.

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