Right now, Twitter scares me

Oprah (@oprah) and I have something in common: We both started on Twitter last week.  I’m going to admit here in my blog that, right now, Twitter scares me. (I also shared my fright with my students this morning – and they laughed when I said this…) Twitter takes me out of my comfort zone.

Maybe it’s the “control freak” in me? Or maybe it’s simply fear of the unknown? I’m trying to figure out why I’m scared. So, now I’m committed to learning a lot more about Twitter in the coming days and weeks — and I’ll share what I learn here, in my blog.

If you’re on Twitter, and you felt the same when you first started “tweeting,” please let me know @kathymagrino. Maybe you can help me overcome my Twitter fears?!

Until next time,
Kathy Magrino
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