What’s your ‘theme’ this year?

I’m not into making “New Year resolutions,” but for the past few years, I’ve embraced a creative idea for each new year originally presented by Barbara Winter in her Winning Ways newsletter, and most recently featured on Barbara’s blog: Buon Viaggio.

Barbara says, “To put your goal setting and entrepreneurial efforts on track — and keep them there—begin by giving your year a theme. It could be a single word or a phrase that becomes your motto. Either way, it will help you gain clarity and focus. When planning your time or making a decision, a quick check will reveal if your choice adds or detracts from the theme you’ve declared.”

In the past, some of my themes have been “Be Bold,” “Be Creative” and “Be Strong.” This year my theme is “Be Focused.” I want to be able to focus on meeting the demands and challenges of each day, while focusing on the future at the same time.

What’s your theme this year? Tell us.

Until next time,
Kathy Magrino

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