Write great presentations!

I’m sharing this information with my students at Rider University this week, and I thought you might like to review these quick tips for writing great presentations and speeches:

1. Know your audience! Before you start writing, try to “get inside the heads” of the people you’ll be presenting to — your audience.

2. Don’t forget that you’re writing for an AUDIENCE, not for readers! (Generally, readers have the luxury of taking their time with words and concepts…)

3. Use repetition. Don’t be afraid to repeat key messsages, concepts and benefits.

4. Be organized. Follow a logical progression from start to finish.

5. Be consistent. Use the same writing style and same design (if you’re using PowerPoint) throughout the entire presentation.

Follow these tips, and you’ll write a great, professional presentation!

Until next time,

Kathy Magrino

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