A Good Time to Write Your Resume

Now is a good time to write your resume. Actually, it’s always a good idea to have your resume ready to go. Some of my students will be graduating this year and they’ve asked me for guidance in preparing their resumes. I direct them to www.CollegeGrad.com. The site offers FREE templates to help you write and create a professional resume. Here are some additional resume writing tips from me:

– Always be honest!

– Sell yourself! Think of your resume as a “marketing brochure” for yourself and “target” your “audience” (each prospective employer) and include information that shows how you’ll benefit their company or organization.

PROOFREAD! PROOFREAD! PROOFREAD! Then ask someone else to proofread your resume, too! Typos and poor grammar can be “deal-breakers”…

Until next time,

Kathy Magrino

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