Moving forward…

I have a pendant from the Christopher Reeve Foundation (now the “Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation“) that I’ve had hanging in my eyesight for several years now. It says “Go Forward” and it’s a daily reminder that life is short and that we must continue focusing on the future.

Some days it’s easier to do this. Some days it’s not. Lately, (for me, at least) it seems to be a challenge to focus on the future with so much uncertainty surrounding us. The presidential election… the economy… the housing market… Each day the media bombards us with an overwhelming amount of information. 

I just keep on moving forward, consulting my to-do list each day and checking things off my calendar. I look forward to the next big project, my next class meeting with my students, family events and more. Sometimes I even count down to these events.

Speaking of countdowns, in her Working Solo Minute newsletter, Terri Lonier recently wrote about “The Billionaire’s Countdown” and offers guidance for creating our own countdowns — a great way to keep us moving forward! 

Have a great week (or 7 days, or 168 hours, or 10,080 minutes…)! Until then, I’ll be counting down and moving forward.

– Kathy

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