How People Are Making Money Blogging

Blogging can make you a millionaire! This is something I never really thought about before.

No, I’m not a millionaire (yet), but while I was preparing my class’ lesson plan this week (about “new technologies in public relations”) and researching how blogs are being used, I came across an item in Joan Stewart’s Publicity Hound newsletter which linked to her blog about Perez Hilton’s 3 Tips for a Profitable Blog. (Click on the links in this post to subscribe to Joan’s newsletter, or to view a video of Perez Hilton being interviewed by Martha Stewart…)

If I find more examples and stories about people making money blogging, I’ll pass them along to you. And if you have any “blogging success stories” to share, please let me know. Thanks — and I’ll be blogging again next week, so I hope to see you here again! Have a great week!


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